I’m OFF!

On to a journey of self discovery, and potential narcissism. Oscar Wilde has been quoted as stating that:  “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” And it is these words that give me the courage to pursue the next step in my quest of complete self-understanding with a smidge of insufferableness. Advertisements


Yesterday I had a heart attack. No but seriously, I thought I was gonna die.  And work is just fabulous, and my life is super perfect. It gets a bit tiring being fabulous, and perfect. It gets tiring being told what you “should be doing next”, simply because, even in your heart you know that’s what you […]

Enough Already!

Today was good day. I did some paper work, and overall owned the tasks that I needed to complete. It’s actually quiet funny, because I thought that today would end up being the terrible day from bel-ze-bub, but i just ended up being such a productive excuse for 12 hours. (Yasss.. You read correctly. 12. […]