A little diary entry about the annoying black woman chip (on her shoulder);┬áMy hair. I tell you some tips on how to stay sane on your first “natural”, “Relaxer free”, “rebonding free” year… Learning to embrace all things natural, should not be revolutionary, it should be natural. Right? Well, not so much for me… Re-learning […]


Seriously. Die. As in, I just died. Like death. The kind that you can’t recover from. Like. Dead. <=== Said achingly slowly. Purrr-Faction! Sharon Kavijan’s hair is like… Enviable! I love that Two-Tone effect. My mates say it looks untidy, but when have I ever listened? sharon kavijan’s hair

And You Thought I Was Weird….

Vogue Par-ee has shot Natasha Poly using Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2011 Hair. It was like… A curl parting, and then pigtails, and then… braids. *silence* I LOVE IT! Hate all you want. If I had long hair (scratch that!), Weave-ologist, I am coming for you!!! Speaking of weave, ladies and gents… Arlenis Sosa is killing […]