I’m OFF!

On to a journey of self discovery, and potential narcissism. Oscar Wilde has been quoted as stating that: ¬†“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” And it is these words that give me the courage to pursue the next step in my quest of complete self-understanding with a smidge of insufferableness. Advertisements

Mobile SaFashInt

I have been messing with my first 3g phone which i got in singapore circa 2005. It still works surprisingly well although my fingers are slightly slow as they have become accustomed to a more qwerty keypad. Good to see that things work even at 3am sunday morning, for an insomniac such as myself

Para Siempre

…. This is the last SaFashInt post from Havana Cuba, hell! It’s been a ride, but a good one. What have I been up to since the last posting? Plenty, but nothing at all. We went to our very last dinner last week… Well not like last as in The Last Supper, but more like […]

This. Is. Everything

Amazing looking sista, who knows very well that she is giving a huge hiding with her outfit. Leighton Meester in Marie Claire UK, December 2010 Brother with a plan of massive ownage! I appreciate (and funny enough, would not put aside dressing like that) As a veg (vegetarian), and a member of PETA, I am […]